Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ren and Stimpy.

Here is a clip from the Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" entitled "Ren Seeks Help" that I worked on back in 2003. I was the Layout supervisor on that show. The first three sequences (the frog at Ren's window- Ren gets home from school- parents in living-room) I storyboarded and layed out. Of course I can not take credit for all the work. John Kricfalusi guided me through the Storyboarding process and added alot of drawings, and there is some Warren Leonhardt majic in there aswell. The last part of the clip with the parents at the window was layed out by John and another talented animator by the name of Derek Bond. IT was an overwhelming experience to work on this sequence, as it was the first Ren and Stimpy show I worked on. I was trying to learn the style and please the boss. I'm happy with the way it turned out though. Hope you like it.


Here are a couple of clips that I found on Youtube from "Wayside" that I storyboarded. It was a very fun show to work on. It was directed by Riccardo Durante, and Jaime Mason was assistant director. Two of the funniest guys that I have ever worked with.
Check em out.. Hope you enjoy.

Here is a shot taken at my last storyboard pitch with Riccardo (right) and Jaime (left).